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Updated: Feb 15

The Lagos State Commissioner for Establishment, Training and Pensions, Mrs. Ajibola Ponnle, on Wednesday, charged all Public Servants in the state government employ to reflect and embrace new attitudinal changes in these unprecedented times.

Mrs. Ponnle made the call while speaking during the second edition of the webinar series tagged "Exco Shares 2.0", an initiative of the Office of Establishments and Training, designed to share knowledge and learn transformational agenda.

The Commissioner explained that the interactive session was an offshoot of the S.H.I.F.T concept of the Ministry introduced in year 2020 as an interactive knowledge-sharing platform where public servants have the opportunity to interact with members of the State Executive Council on developmental issues, which will, in turn, better the Lagos State Public Service.

Speaking on the topic "Universal Cycle of Change", Mrs. Ponnle stated that the universal cycle of change is as old as mankind and is something that has come to be globally acceptable, adding that everything has a cycle of change including both living and non-living things.

While informing the 329 participants that the cycle of change in our daily lives has helped humans to understand the various phases of life as well as raise awareness about the things happening around them, the Commissioner listed the seven universal cycles of change as Creation, Growth, Steady/Mature cycle, Turbulence, Chaos, Drop-Off and Meditation/Dormancy.

According to her, “The first cycle, which is Creation, is when things start to conceptualise and ideas begin to generate; Growth cycle is the high energy state where building starts from, such as a relationship that needs to move through growth before it can be fully developed and the Steady/Mature cycle is when things are going at a cruise control stage and everything is under control”,

“Turbulence cycle is when things are not running smoothly and when problems are beginning to raise their heads, like in a state of disequilibrium; The Chaos cycle is when the problem becomes overwhelming and one could lose control due to fear and anxiety; The Drop-off cycle is the most critical and difficult period to handle because it requires letting go of things; while the last cycle, which is meditation/dormancy requires one to do some deep thinking and reflection”, she explained.

Ponnle averred that for one to move ahead in careers and relationships, one needs to raise a high level of awareness to be able to notice all these cycles of life while making informed decisions on what needs to be dropped off as this can serve as a form of limitation to the next level of life.

The Commissioner, therefore, charged public servants/participants to identify something or a phase in their lives that needs to be dropped off in order to enhance their careers.

Earlier in his welcome address, the Permanent Secretary, Office of Establishments and Training, Mr. Abiodun Augustine Onayele, stated that the webinar session is an eye-opener for sharing experiences and knowledge, stressing that the Office will continue to enhance the knowledge and ability of the State's workforce so as to attain a vibrant 21st Century Public Service.



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